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Chris Buzzetto lives in Jamestown, NY. He has Blood Type A. You can contact Chris by using the form below.

My father Chris Buzzetto, a small business owner living in Jamestown, New York is in serious need of a kidney. Unfortunately, kidney disease runs in our family so my brother and I are not viable candidates for a live donor transplant.

Since discovering he was in kidney failure, my dad has done everything the doctors have suggested and has even lost over 15 pounds through healthy diet and exercise.

Chris Buzzetto-2My dad is always the first person to volunteer to help people out. He’s the most selfless, hard-working, generous man I know. Soon, he will have to start dialysis which will severely impede his ability to make a living as his work is physical in nature.

The doctors say a living donor is his best option.

Our family is hoping and praying every day that we find him a match. We would be eternally grateful for such a sacrifice.

His blood type is “A”   If you are a Blood Type “O” or “A” you could be a potential match for my Dad.

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